Our Policy


A firm quality plan is always to adhere to & provide the clients with the best quality
products, works and services in accordance with the top national & international quality
control standards. Quality control program covers the regular and specific inspection and
test plans during all stages of HVAC works.


While performing our activities related to HVAC work. Our staff is well trained to abide
by the International SAFETY standards to avoid the risk of body injuries to persons or
damage to property.
Our Staff is regularly subjected to attend safety orientation and training courses.
Our Establishment will organize to conduct periodic inspection of work sites, material
storage areas, camp, equipment etc. and will ensure all safety measures so as to
maximize safety conditions in all places.


One of our main business policies is to maintain business secrets and hence we ensure
security in all its reports. Special instructions are always briefed in person to our staff
when a project of special concern of security, national interest, governmental or of
similar nature or need is involved.